Jealousy is a Crazy, But Sad Emotion… Jealousy is a Crazy, But Sad Emotion… |

Jealousy is a Crazy, But Sad Emotion…

by on January 25, 2011

Sadly another example of jealousy came about recently in the Internet Affiliate Marketing space.  ShoeMoney had a great post regarding a story that makes you shake your head and you find yourself saying, ‘No Way?’… but sadly the facts are the facts….

No matter what industry you work in (i.e. Software, Finance, Insurance, Auto, Retail, etc.) you will no doubt come across this emotion at some point in time.  It will either be with people you work with, customers of your company, competitors of your company, or even friends and neighbors.  This type of immature behavior just shows how insecure people can be today, and sadly I think it happens way too much in the Affiliate Marketing space, and  society in general for that matter.  Don’t agree, look at all the Hollywood stars….  Many are still stuck in High School and will never grow up…. I just hope the Affiliate Marketing space continues to grow because at that point the true market forces will push people referenced in ShoeMoney post out where they belong…

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